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1) Sales Page + Product Demo

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2) Sales Funnel

Very simple, no hype, just quality for your subscribers...

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Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #1
SUBJECT: Traffic and list building for 2015…
SUBJECT: Looking for traffic?
SUBJECT: All the Traffic you need for the next 12 months (inside)
If you’re looking for more quality traffic to your sites right now then check this out:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix[YOUR LINK]

The first thing I like about this is that it’s not one of these “loophole” style systems where everything is hyped up and you don’t really know what you are getting until AFTER you have purchased.

As you’ll see, this couldn’t be more different.

In fact, Rob actually gives you a tour INSIDE the members area – a testament to the quality of the product and something that you rarely see:

[YOUR LINK]Tour INSIDE The Traffic Matrix[YOUR LINK]

Here are SOME highlights:

+ Making affiliate sales and building a list in a brand new niche, starting completely from scratch using Facebook Ads (Full Case Study)
+ Free, passive buyer traffic and list building WITHOUT doing product launches
+ Pulling in free traffic from national papers and magazines
+ Harnessing the power of the fast growing “platform traffic” scene to literally multiply product sales
+ The exact formula used for getting list owners who had never heard of you to send over bulk traffic

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg though. To me this is a real no-brainer, especially when you consider the discounted price.

[YOUR LINK]Check it out for yourself[YOUR LINK]

Kind regards,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #2
SUBJECT: Buyer Traffic for list building and sales…
SUBJECT: Wow – this REALLY caught my attention…

There have been countless traffic courses online over the years but this one has REALLY caught my attention:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix[YOUR LINK]

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the short video 😉

Here’s what impressed me about this:

+ You’ve got a range of traffic sources in a single place. Something you can come back to time and time again whenever you need more.
+ The guy behind it is the real deal: These are the exact strategies he’s used to go from scratch to building a 6-figure lifestyle business working at home
+ It’s high quality traffic for list building sales – quite rare thing when you consider all the scammy methods that you see around which get traffic from third world countries or just flat out don’t deliver
+ Lot’s of money making case studies are included too – real life stuff not just dry theory

See what you think:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix[YOUR LINK]

Given the hugely discounted price this is quite frankly a real no brainer to me.

Kind regards,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #3
SUBJECT: BUYER Traffic on Tap…
SUBJECT: “Sales grade” traffic sources…

Quick Question:

What would it mean to you to have multiple streams of visitors coming to your sites who are in the mood for BUYING?

Well, that’s exactly what this guy has achieved:

[YOUR LINK]Rob Cornish’s “Traffic Matrix”[YOUR LINK]

He’s used it to go completely from scratch to build a 6-figure work-at-home lifestyle business.

The great thing about this is not just the quantity of traffic you can generate with these methods but also that the QUALITY is top notch.

In other words this is traffic that converts into email optins, affiliate commissions and sales of your own products.

[YOUR LINK]Buyer Traffic On Tap[YOUR LINK]

Kind regards,



Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #4
SUBJECT: REAL traffic (without the gimmicks…)
SUBJECT: At your fingertips: High quality Traffic that converts

Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business – without it you’re literally dead in the water.

Unfortunately though, there are a LOT of problems that can trip you up when it comes to getting it:

– Scammy traffic “loopholes” which turn out to be either temporary or basically none existent
– “Dirt cheap click” – Traffic from robots or third world countries that is so low quality it won’t even sign up for a list let alone make sales
– Old fashioned traffic methods like article directories which involve huge amount of manual effort for disappointing results

It can be a real minefield so it’s little wonder that so many people struggle with traffic.

The good news is that Rob Cornish has just put together a fantastic package of traffic sources which addresses these problems:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix (Highly Recommended)[YOUR LINK]

For me, the key advantage with this is that you have a “one stop shop” toolbox full of proven traffic sources on standby for whenever you need it.

And crucially it focuses on high quality traffic which is consistent and dependable. No gimmicks, loopholes or work intensive methods.

In other words, it’s “sales grade” traffic – the sort that is good for building quality email lists, making affiliate commission and sales of your own products.

Do check this out, I think you’ll like it and it’s a real no-brainer at such a discounted price:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix (Highly Recommended)[YOUR LINK]

Kind regards,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #5
SUBJECT: 6-figure marketer reveals his killer traffic sources….
SUBJECT: “The Traffic Matrix” – you won’t believe this…
SUBJECT: Zero to 6-figures – the single SECRET to this guy’s success….

In April 2010 Rob started online from scratch.

Like many people he struggled to begin with but – unlike most others – he’s since gone on to build a 6-figure business working full time online.

The secret of his success?


But not the kind of traffic that comes in drips and drabs. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of high quality visitors from multiple channels.

For the first time he’s put all his traffic secrets into a single package and he’s called it The Traffic Matrix.

[YOUR LINK]Grab The Traffic Matrix Here[YOUR LINK]

Kind regards,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #6
SUBJECT: “The Traffic Matrix” – you won’t believe this…
SUBJECT: The Ultimate Traffic Toolbox

There are a lot of traffic courses out there online.

But I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this:

[YOUR LINK]The Traffic Matrix[YOUR LINK]

Impressive huh?

[YOUR LINK]Check it out here (HIGHLY Recommended)[YOUR LINK]

Kind regards,


5) Images

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Main TM logo...

Very powerful Mystery Traffic Sources included as a bonus...

Matrix Screenshot....

6) 4 Simple Promo Tips

1. Mail more than once

2. Resend to unopens (works every time! ;-))

3. Add your own bonus

4. Add to your AR follow up sequence or Thank You Page (The Traffic Matrix is Evergreen!)

7) Promotional Rules (IMPORTANT)

1) Please remember we must all comply with FTC Testimonial Guidelines (see here)

2) No negative campaigns such as “product name/author name scam”. This creates a very bad image for our company and products and shows affiliates in a poor light too.

3) No buying through your own affiliate link. Anyone caught doing this will be banned as an affiliate and customer.

4) Being sensible, genuine and treating subscribers/customers as we would like to be treated (i.e., with respect) is the best and fastest way to building a sustainable and lifetime business.

8) Contact

P.S. Thank you again for your support and please email me at rob[at] with any questions or if I can help with anything.

THANK YOU for your support,

Rob Cornish