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5 Behind The Scenes Case Studies

  • Case Study #1: $14,035.47 In 10 Days
  • Case Study #2: $33,981.27 Sales
  • Case Study #3: $4,442 Sales + 476 Subscribers
  • Case Study #4: 20,596 Visitors + 2,137 Sales
  • Case Study #5: “$79K Weekend” Case Study

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I have never had something that could be so mind blowing be explained in such an easy way…like sitting in the pub talking to your best mate."

Bill M.
Laura T.

I discovered Rob's website and downloaded his 101 Profitable Niches ebook. I had literally never heard of online marketing before, let alone SEO, affiliates or anything else. I just knew I had more to give to the world. Later that week I followed one of Rob's videos to set up my domain and I [now] have a list of 1000 and a budding passion driven business. Rob's advice is clear, grounded and practical. I trust his opinion on everything and very much appreciate the depth and detail of content he produces. Thanks Rob!"

I wish I could have found this years ago. Rob is a very nice guy who is there to always help out as much he can. You will not find any hype on his site or on his emails as you often find from other marketers. Rob I'll like to thank you for all your efforts and helping me out along my road to success."

Shan G. 

Rob is one of the most innovative, thorough and helpful professionals in the IM industry. Highly recommended.

Neil L.

“I have learnt more from Rob and his training than any other avenue I’ve tried. Rob is also very helpful when it comes to queries, and I highly recommend his service."

Chris D. 
John B.

I have been a huge fan of Rob's work for a while now. He took me from a virtual newbie to launching my own blog and now my own products. What he does better than most other marketers in my opinion is two things. One - actually care about his readers/customers/subscribers. Two - he breaks things down so they are achievable. It is like stepping into the unknown with this business and he guides you through it step by step. So many marketers are just after your wallet whilst Rob actually helps and both he and you gain from it. He is great at what he does and many other so-called experienced marketers could learn a lot from him."​

Rob's training is first class, cutting-edge, clear and taught in a straightforward way. You're in the right place guys!"

Christine C. 

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